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RFC 4419 SSH DH Group Exchange March 2006 It is recommended to use 2 as generator, because it improves efficiency in multiplication performance. It is usable even when it is not a primitive root, as it still covers half of the space of possible residues. 6.2.Private Exponents To increase the speed of the key exchange, both client and server may reduce the size of their private exponents.

SSH Key Exchange DH Group 14 I am trying to issue command "ssh key-exchange group dhgroup14" on several of my ASA firewalls. The key-exchange command is failing on 3 of 4 ASA firewalls. According to Cisco documentation, this command was introducted in 8.4. My ASA's are running version,, and 9.1.2. Diffie Hellman Groups - Cisco Community Diffie-Hellman (DH) allows two devices to establish a shared secret over an unsecure network. In terms of VPN it is used in the in IKE or Phase1 part of setting up the VPN tunnel.. There are multiple Diffie-Hellman Groups that can be configured in an IKEv2 policy on a Cisco ASA running 9.1(3). Elliptic-curve Diffie–Hellman - Wikipedia Elliptic-curve Diffie–Hellman (ECDH) is a key agreement protocol that allows two parties, each having an elliptic-curve public–private key pair, to establish a shared secret over an insecure channel. This shared secret may be directly used as a key, or to derive another key.The key, or the derived key, can then be used to encrypt subsequent communications using a symmetric-key cipher. Diffie-hellman key exchange (video) | Khan Academy