I want to play a game on my PS3 but my UPnP is 'Not

Jan 16, 2009 Is there any reason to have UPnP enabled if I'm wired Undo all the stuff you tried before to get it working, and simply enable UPNP. Is your brother forwarding ports to the PS3? If he is tell him to not forward port 80 like the dumb guides say to do. And tell him he shouldn't have to forward any ports anyways, if UPNP is enabled. If you do forward ports, don't forward port 80 to either console. How do you enable UPnP for the PS3 to computer? | Yahoo

NAT type failed!! HELP!!! - PlayStation Nation - GameSpot

Solved: WRT610N Version 2 UPNP Unavailable on PS3 PS3 with a wired connection shows UPnP as unavailable. UPnP is enabled on PS3 and enabled on Linksys Gigabit WRT610N version 2. All firmware is up to date. Cable modem Motorola Surfboard 5120. I seem to have no issues getting online for games or PS Network. I'm fine with the NAT 2 the PS3 … enabling UPnP - Apple Community Nov 06, 2011

Jan 06, 2009

Jun 15, 2018 What's UPnP on my PS3? How to enable it? Is it safe for me